Founded on December 19, 1994

How an idea grew into a Community Event….

In 1993, Community Leader Joseph A. Malouf saw numerous families in the local Latino community miss the magic of the Holiday Season. With that in mind, an idea was born with much work to be done for the Holiday Season in 1994. Without any contributions or donations, Joseph A. Malouf organized the first event which celebrated the Holidays with 40 children and their families.

7 years later: In 2011, we were able to help over 1,100 children and their families for a total of 2,000 guests!!

2014 Objective: 3k toys 3k smiles / happy kids!

Purposes behind:
To bring a genuine smile to the children. Kids must not miss the magic of the Holiday Season. Holidays are times to give and be generous (not everyone can have a happy holiday)
Every year the event reaches more and more families (not to mention more and more organizations become part of the cause / event)
The positive impact on a child ‘s life

Since 1994, we have received the generous support of many business and people:
Thank you to Booz Allen Hamilton; Angela Messer (VP) and all of BAH volunteers; Chief of Police Tom Manger and his entire crew; Blanca Kling (Montgomery County) ; Megamart (Uriel and Gerson), Seventh Day Adventist Church and Mariano Samayoa, Radio America and Alejandro Carrasco, Regan Zambri and Long, LLP, Phillips & Green, MD, and many more!